Spring Fling Best Dressed

On February 25th, the student council hosted a Spring Fling, with a “Flower Power” theme. We came to show you the best outfits that were worn. There were notable outfits from chaperones, students and administrators, but here’s the highlight reel. 

Senior Grace Courtney wore a sparkling mini dress, matching some of the shiny decorations at the dance.









Freshman Zacaariah Davis wore a long sage green dress with a gorgeous tied open back.






Senior Allison Williams accessorized her lilac dress with purple flowers in her hair.












Sophomore Nevaeh Bickerstaff sported a purple floral tie with hair clips to match.












Freshman Halle Youse took the flower part of the theme very seriously, with a beautiful floral embroidered dress.









Senior Faith Kazadi took the “Flower Power” theme as a reference to the 70s, wearing a bright halter top with flared jeans.

















Freshman Norah Condill kept it simple with a small silver flower necklace tying her elegant outfit to the theme.










Junior Nessa Bleill opted for a darker look, standing out by wearing a deep maroon.