Trees or Travesties?

Charlotte Heads, A&E Co-Editor

Every year, we go through the same process of decorating and adorning Christmas trees, and every year, I can’t help but judge them. And what better way to celebrate than rating the trees of Central families? I was surprised this year: there was nothing horrid. Maybe that’s because people have learned not to submit terrible designs to me, or maybe it’s because our holiday style is evolving. Either way, I see it as a Christmas miracle.

Now of course, style is subjective. But there are certain criteria I believe most would agree with. First, aesthetics: the balance and colors from a design perspective. Next, Creativity: the personality and originality factor. Last but not least, the author’s stamp of approval. I would have this be the only factor, but in the name of true journalism, I had to control my biases.

Nina Nieto: Nina’s family has an ongoing tradition of the food-themed tree. Featuring pizza, croissants, fries, and a plethora of beverages, this tree definitely won the creativity point. I personally adore the tabasco sauce ornament. When French III students began to decorate the Eiffel tower statue in our classroom, Nina was one of the first contributors, adding a very Frenchy bottle of champagne. Fitting. I approve. It’s hard to be original in this way while still being visually pleasing, the Nieto family has done it. 3/3








Julia Hopkins: Now Julia, you know I love you. At first sight though, I’m not loving this. However, we have some of the same ornaments, this tree shape is inherently better than the weird stiff ones, and I do appreciate a good train track circling a tree, so in the name of Christmas spirit, you get the Char-Approval point. I think the aesthetics or lack thereof is what initially threw me off. I feel obliged to point out the way these lights are hung. There may not be as much creativity, but you can see that the tree is personal to the family, which I can get behind. 1/3




Adriana Domanski: Now this, this I adore. Dinosaurs? Check. Personality? Check. Pinkalicious? Check. Visual appeal? Not so much. However, the tree clearly fits you and your room, which you mentioned is where this is located. 2/3.












Ali Prisecaru, a non-central student (we’re inclusive here guys), submitted this. Now when you think of a classic Christmas tree, this is a near replica. Each ornament has its own character, but none are too noticeable. It’s timeless. Visually appealing, but not original, and I’m sort of feeling it. 1.5/3







Willie Fowler: An ex-unit-four student, Willie wanted to participate in this article as an announcement to all of us u4sd’s that he was still alive. Everybody say hi Willie! However, it seems that your new school isn’t teaching much style. The vertical gold hanging is the final straw for me. As much as unit four, including myself, misses you, I’ve gotta stay impartial as a judge. 0/3. I had originally wished you a merry Christmas in this message, but then I received the information that this tree was erected a couple of days before Halloween, which should be considered a war crime. So after that, I must say I take it back.