Spring Break Travel Stories

Sierra Smith

With the prevalence of the pandemic over the past two spring breaks, for many the spring break of 2023 was the first spring break where traveling and vacations felt normal. Here are some stories from students who traveled over spring break this year, including where they went and what they did there!


Freshman Alice Bell:

“I went to Italy over break. I went to Florence and Rome because you can just take a really quick train and be in a new country in Europe, it’s so cute! My parents really like to travel and we had gone to Venice and Mulan this summer, and so they were like, ‘Well, we might as well do the other big places in Italy.’ I traveled with just my mom and dad, because my sibling, Cecil, was in California visiting a friend. My favorite memories are definitely taking a picture in front of the really beautiful Trevi Fountain, and it’s the same exact fountain that my grandparents and my uncle and my dad took a picture in front of the same fountain, like twenty years ago, and we took a picture in front of it now. And I think that’s super cute. I also enjoyed eating all the gelato in the world, and getting to see the Birth of Venus!”


Sophomore Elliot Penning-Bush:

Over spring break I traveled to Indialantic, Florida, about an hour drive from Orlando. We went there because my family owns a condo down there that we enjoy going to. I also have family there. I went with my mom and my dad, and we honestly just relaxed, went to the beach a few times and played cards. My favorite memories include walking to an ice cream place at 11 at night, seeing a rocket launch from the back yard, and doing stupid Buzzfeed quizzes with my family.”


Senior Alex Curry:

“I traveled to Paris, France and stayed at the Disneyland Paris resort in Chessy, France. I went to Disneyland Paris to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Also, my mom wanted to give me an end of the year graduation trip. We later went to Disney World to celebrate the opening of their new Tron ride.  I traveled with my mother. However while I was in Paris I met with the group of French students from our school at Versailles. At Disneyland Paris there are two parks: Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park. My mom and I visited both and had a blast. It was pretty cold there so we had winter coats. The food was phenomenal. I had about 4 hot chocolates a day. They were so good. A lot of their popular rides were closed for repairs so the amount of rides we rode was limited. Also the parks were very vibrant with color that intensified the magical feeling. Walt Disney Studios is a bit more Hollywood centered, similar to Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios but a lot smaller. There was a Marvel section, Toy Story, and Ratatouille area that were very cute. The Ratatouille area was (of course) heavily influenced by French culture. There were multiple kiosks with popular French and Canadian snacks. My three favorite memories were when my mom and I missed our bus stop to walk to the train and we freaked out, seeing the Sleeping Beauty Castle for the first time, and eating every flavor of potato chips from the parks.”