Met Gala 2023

Alice Bell, Staff

The Met Gala happens on the first Monday of May every year. The Met Gala is a fundraiser for the Art Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum. Celebrities, influencers, and artists have to work to get a ticket. They partner with brands to sponsor them, pay for their own tickets, or are selected by Anna Wintour, the event organizer. 

The Gala has a different theme each year, some iconic ones in the past being Heavenly Bodies and Camp. This year’s theme was ‘Karl Lagerfeld : A Line of Beauty’, in honor of his legacy in the fashion industry. Lagerfeld has been a consistent attendee and doner at the Art Costume Institute up until his passing in 2016. 

Karl Lagerfeld is a controversial pick, but he has made many good designs. Most looks had black and white bases, maybe a pop of color, and or based on his cat that he adores.

The theme was well executed by others, but some were really lacking. This happens every year, but every year it’s disappointing. Even if they do fit the theme, they can be flopping.

Gigi Hadid opted for a look more true to herself. Hadid went for a dress more similar to Lagerfeld’s Chanel days. It was super sleek and true to herself, but also followed the theme.


Pedro Pascal followed the theme well however I didn’t like it that much. Pascal is hard to dislike, Freshman Bella Ondevilla even says he is “baby girl”, but regardless of how much she loves him, she does not love this look. Ondevilla says calves out was not the move, and I would have to agree.















One thing about Cardi B is she’s going to go ALL out for the Met Gala. She did the black and white theme with the tie and the silhouette. She always steps out, because someone has to.


Now let’s talk about Jared Leto. Senior Laynie Ritchie even said, “I hate Jared Leto.” I would have to agree. I know that he was going for Choupette, Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, but the execution…You can definitely say he committed! Doja Cat was dressed like it was a gala, and also a cat. She committed in a completely different way, she was meowing at reporters.











This is the Doja Cat look in question. It’s so…Doja Cat. She kept her own weird element and made a bold choice, per usual. But she did it in a way that was fit for a gala and followed the theme, something a lot of celebrities struggle with. Picture Credit – Filmmagic
Anne Hathway was wearing Versace and Bulgari, but it seemed to be imitating Lagerfeld’s Chanel days. The pale textured fabric with gold chains seemed just like Lagerfeld. Freshman Amala Willenbrock said “Anne Hathway’s dress was definitely one of my favorites, she executed the theme so well.”


Conan Gray saved himself from getting ridiculed by stepping outside of the classic men at the Met Gala, wearing a black and white tuxedo regardless of the theme. He came wearing a pearl-studded outfit with a tail and a fan, but we all expected this from him, as he also dressed out last year.