Did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Break Up?


Gavin Brown and Laynie Ritchie

As of late, rumors have been stirring of a breakup between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. Many fans are heartbroken to hear this news along with others being in pure denial. As we dive into the five stages of grief over our beloved it couple, let’s take a look at the evidence people are using to confirm this breakup. 

On April 8th, 2023, Entertainment Tonight posted an article stating that an inside source had confirmed that the two had split. Fans were shocked by this news, praying that it was false, but as more evidence compiles people are more and more sure of the split. 

A large factor in fans deciding that the split was final is Swift deleting an Instagram post about her single Lavender Haze, in which she talked about her and Alywn’s relationship. 

Freshman at Central High School Bella Ondevilla said she had heard about the alleged breakup. When asked on her reaction to the news Bella said “At first I thought that sucks, but also I was hoping it was alleged and all just rumors, but now I’m not as sure.”  Bella thinks that because Swift’s fanbase is very strong her fans could turn against Joe Alwyn. 

Nessa Bleill Junior at Central had heard about the breakup on TikTok and she denied it, saying she thought “it couldn’t be real.” Some people have worried that this recent breakup speculation could affect the way Taylor is viewed in the public eye. When asked if the possible breakup could affect the way Taylor Swift is perceived Nessa said “I think it will because it seems like anything that happens to her that involves a man changes the public’s opinion on her.”

Brody Stonecipher student at Centennial High School says it was shocking that Swift and Alwyn broke up, but he wants to remain positive saying “I am excited for the possibility that Taylor Swift could make music about him, but in a different manner and tone.” 

Although the Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break up is alleged it seems more and more like it is reality. It is important that everyone remembers that breakups are a normal thing and no person in this breakup deserves any hate. Instead, Swift and Alwyn should be respected and given space as they go through a possibly tough time that was not supposed to be made public in the first place.