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Seniors Looking Forward

What do seniors think the school year will look like for them?

From applying to colleges to handling different types of clubs, activities, and events, the Central High School seniors are already preparing for the end of the school year. As part of this journey, the seniors shared what they’re looking forward to the most and what adventures they are going to encounter.

Julia Hopkins

As the managing editor of the Chronicle, Julia Hopkins says that managing her senior life and club life can be a hassle, but she loves doing it anyway. Being in the modified P.E. and giving other underclassmen advice, encouragement, and even constructive criticism brings out her outstandingly helpful personality.

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She loves the authority of being a senior because, “Being in clubs in the past, usually you don’t get to ask many questions about things. But being a senior there are a lot of people asking for opinions, especially in The Chronicle.“

She started high school during COVID, and throughout the year she didn’t go in person, but even when they all wore masks she said, “The switch between mask to no mask was a significant change.” She also said that her makeup has changed a lot too. “I used to do bright colors, now I do more of a natural look.”

Hopkins said that she has also changed a lot from when she was 10 years old to 16. “When I finally turned 16 years old I was able to buy clothes that I wanted instead of clothes I have worn since I was 10.” Hopkins also thinks that her mental health is a lot better than it was before.

The most difficult thing that Hopkins isn’t looking forward to is saying goodbye to many people who, as she said, “I’ve known since 5th grade.” Applying for colleges can be vigorous so “the long process and the stressful, heavy process of applying to college can be challenging this year.”

Throughout her time in Central High School, she always wanted to join the Best Buddies Club but due to her round-and-about schedule, Hopkins says, “It will be hard to participate in them.”

Some advice from Hopkins for freshmen was “Join clubs. It will be a great way to socialize with other students.” She also said that prioritizing your grades is important in high school but having some time to go and visit school events and activities is just as important. “Try and have fun during your time in Central,” Hopkins says.

Samaira Sandil

The editor in Chief, in the Central Newspaper, she says is excited for school to be over, and for having all that hard work she has done throughout her time here “paid off.”

Her personality from freshman year to now has changed a lot, and so has her friend group. Sandil says, “My friend group from freshman year has changed and the people I knew and hung out with then have changed and now I hang out with different people.”

From the past school years, one thing she would change is to, as Sandil put it, “Take back my freshman year.” All these seniors’ freshman year was during COVID-19, and Sandil would want to change that year and have a different experience. “We were online that year. I just wish we could take that year back and add another year to make up for it,” says Sandil.

Once it hits the end of the year, Sandil is going to miss a lot of people but she’ll miss her boyfriend the most. Sandil says, “We probably won’t go to the same colleges, and saying goodbye is going to be hard.” But that doesn’t mean she won’t miss her friends even more either.

Her advice to freshmen is that “even though grades are important put some priority on friendships because they’re really important when it comes to high school.”

Angela Nguyen

Being in the FBLA club,  Nguyen says she is very excited about “spending the time with friends and the musical productions for this year.” 

During the time Nguyen has been in Central a lot of things have changed about her. Nguyen says, “I think that a lot has changed for all of us this past year. Especially because our class started with COVID-19, I think all of us got the chance these past 4 years to develop our own.” 

Nguyen says, “This year is going to be very difficult because everything will be our last classes with friends, the last sports event even the last dances with each other.” Nguyen can easily say that it will be the last of it all this year. 

It’s not the only thing that will be hard. Nguyen will miss a lot of people at the end of the year like her teacher and friends. “I’ll miss all of my friends and the people that I worked with in FBLA, Best Buddies, and theater.” 

Nguyen gave some advice for freshmen this year and she said, ”Try everything! You’ll be surprised at what you end up liking. Even if you don’t have any experience, push yourself and plenty of people will help you in whatever you pursue!” 


The seniors are excited about what challenges and adventures they will face this year. They even gave advice to freshmen this year. Central High School can’t wait to see what you have in store. 

Enjoy all the events, excel in all your classes, clubs, and more. Benefit from all the school years you’ve endured. Have a great year seniors. 

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