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University Avenue; Dangerous or Convenient?


For many years, Champaign Central High School’s students and staff have been parking on University Avenue during school hours. However, over the years, University has proven to be dangerous for students, staff, and their cars. From personal experience, University is hazardous. There was a close call on University where another student cut me off while trying to park and nearly caused an accident. 


University Avenue is more than anything; threatening. On August 18th, a car crash happened right here on our very own University Avenue, where a driver turned the wrong way on the one-way street, hitting two parked cars in the process. This is why many students believe that University is dangerous like senior student Angelina Ruiz, who says, “because of the parking on University, buses and cars have a really hard time turning and avoiding accidents.”


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The structure of the street has also been seen as a danger to students and vehicles.  She believes there aren’t enough warnings on the street to make it safe enough for everyone. Ruiz said, “It’s dangerous [University] and not very safe. There should be more signs.”


Of course, there are always two sides to a story. In this case, some students believe University is one of the most convenient and necessary streets for both students and staff. 


“University Street is a necessity for us. It’s a majority of our parking spaces,” says Jackson Dillow, a senior student who consistently parks on University for his convenience. Many students park on University and share a very different view about it, especially the structure. 


When it comes to the parking spaces, Dillow says, “Two-sided parking is most convenient for students.” As a car driver, he strongly believes that University is more convenient than dangerous. “It does get crowded with cars, buses, and bikes but it’s necessary,” Dillow said as we closed up the interview. 


After speaking with these individuals it’s clear that there are many different opinions on the subject but something should be done about University Avenue. “Students should be given a parking lot too for safer parking,” Ruiz says.

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