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Christmas in November?

Should people be listening to Christmas music, and decorating for Christmas in November?
Christmas in November?

It’s November. Halloween has ended, and Thanksgiving & Black Friday is on the horizon. But for some people, it is time for Christmas shopping and celebrating. Just check out some neighborhoods right now.  Most of them are already in the Christmas spirit. 

It’s just one more month until the holiday season.  November is best known for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but for some people, it’s also time to get into the holiday spirit. Others say otherwise, so I asked a few people to give their opinions on whether we should celebrate or even decorate for Christmas in November. 

Celebrating early 

  Stela Mello, a freshman at Central High School, shared her opinion on this topic.  She says the best time to decorate for Christmas is the end of November because “it doesn’t clash with Thanksgiving, but it also anticipates the feeling that Christmas is coming.” Families should enjoy the festivities of November before They go into the Christmas activities. Also, all the Christmas events here in Illinois happen in December, so it seems too early. 

‘So enjoy the weather and holidays November has to offer. Someone else who agrees with this opinion is a Creative Writing teacher; Mrs. Haile says you should decorate your house fall-themed instead of Christmas.” To her, it just doesn’t go together.   Thanksgiving always comes before Christmas, so we should take our time and just, decorate after Thanksgiving to give the holidays a chance. 

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Decorating early 

 However, one of the houses in a neighborhood in Savoy is fully decorated for Christmas. With all the decorations and lights, the houses scream Christmas town. 

If you drive by a neighborhood right now, at least one or more houses will be decorated for Christmas.  It’s weird for people to decorate their houses for Christmas in November, specifically Early November, because you have a month before Christmas. But there’s one opinion on this. An English teacher Mrs. Manaster says that” putting up decorations on roofs or anything high is good to do when the weather is a good temperature.” Because of the Midwest weather, the weather can be very unpredictable. 

It makes sense for people to start putting lights up on roofs, but it doesn’t explain how and why they decorate early, which is where TV and Stores come into play. 

 Stores and advertising prompting early Christmas 

If you turn on the TV, you get a lot of ads for Black Friday sales and discounts. But then there are those Christmas ads that sell Christmas products like Starbucks, car brands, etc. It is always, “This year, they get their dream Christmas gift”. This goes on during the whole month of November. Even stores decorate early.  Even social media apps follow this trend, where people show ideas for Christmas on Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok Showing amazing Christmas locations in New York and even holiday sleepover ideas.


If you go to a store, the Christmas trees and lights with ornaments fill shelves to shelves, even when it’s October there. So if a person wants to decorate early they can because of all the decorations already present in stores. 

Mrs Manaster says “ I think that when you go to stores like Michaels, and Hobby Lobby, it’s already decorated for Christmas. So people have access to decorate early anyway because of this,”  But with the early production of Christmas, there are also radios and music apps. 

Listening to Christmas music early 

This puts us to another topic, Christmas music.  Looking at Apple Music right now, you have a section called holidays. As a Christmas music lover, it brings a lot of joy to people during Christmas. But listening to it in November has some people on different sides. 

Most don’t mind if you listen or don’t listen to it in November; people shouldn’t be listening to Christmas music in early November because ” you should enjoy the fall music in November, then when it hits December “  – Stella Mello, a high schooler at Champaign Central High School 

Listening to music during the last two weeks of November is better because if you listen to it for a long time you’ll get bored of it. 


To finish it all off, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but other things are great to celebrate. Like Thanksgiving and Black Friday, to decorate for Christmas, it should be after Thanksgiving so that you can celebrate one holiday before jumping into the next one. 

And yes, stores and ads promote you doing this. It is better to take things slow than fast but to listen to music or do Christmas activities, it’s probably best to do that in December.

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