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Black Friday VS. Cyber Monday: Battle Of The Sales

Black Friday VS. Cyber Monday: Battle Of The Sales

The time is coming soon for Black Friday on November 24 and Cyber Monday on November 27. Black Friday or Cyber Monday shoppers see what they prefer more. These sales happen at stores for Black Friday and online for Cyber Monday. Shoppers buy products on these days for the upcoming holidays. These people drive to see these sales in-store to see if they truly find anything they like, or some people wait till Cyber Monday to stay home and shop online.

In my opinion, Cyber Monday is better. I believe this since online shopping is easier than going to stores and waiting in long lines. It’s easier to shop for the upcoming holiday season. It’s messed up that people have to work after Thanksgiving dinner and not be able to spend time with family and have to deal with rude and ignorant people

 “Those poor people they have to deal with the worst people and them fighting about what’s on sale.” said my brother, who loves to go shopping Brian Garcia after I asked, “What do you think about the people that work on black Friday and can’t go shopping?

Some people prefer Black Friday to go out and enjoy the day with family, but some other people have to work and can’t spend the day with family since instead of Black Friday actually happening on a Friday, it now starts on Thursday afternoon. 

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Some people have a strong opinion on black Friday starting Thursday in the afternoon. “Hate it so much I despise that ever since they did it when I was younger it ruins Thanksgiving dinners. It’s worthless doing it that early, and I’m happy stores started pushing back the hours to start so the employees have time to spend with family,” Garcia said. Stores are pulling their Black Friday hours way later now. People are complaining about the store hours people have but companies want their employees to have more freedom on a holiday where people get to spend time with family.

What do you find more convenient, Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Black Friday is more convenient especially if you get there earlier and you get more benefits if you get there earlier and see the products in person and you can have a more open mind of the options and selections you have” said Garcia.

On Black Friday, people can go to the store and look at the sales in person, or on Cyber Monday you get to stay at home and see sales from home. People’s opinions can be way different to pick one over another because of the sales or how people feel. Black Friday people like to go because it’s a day where the family can go out since it’s right after Thanksgiving and the family gets to be together.

Cyber Monday isn’t always for everyone. Due to the information that can get lost on those websites. People are even wondering if it’s safe to buy on the Internet anymore. “How safe do you feel using your information on Cyber Monday,” said Garcia to passwords and people are just scared of the information that could be sold my friend Jackie and I asked How safe do you feel using your information on Cyber Monday and she responded “Not safe because the stolen information could happen”.

Shoppers agree with that and some shoppers don’t, but some people prefer to talk about the prices that are more convenient I asked Brian What prices are more convenient black friday prices or Cyber Monday prices? “I guess sometimes Cyber Monday, I think, because there are some stores that do price match with other stores’ products”. That makes things a lot easier for shoppers to buy products at lower prices. Shoppers don’t like the things that they do with Cyber Monday which is they make the product cheaper but the shipping more expensive. 

So what’s better to wait for is it Black Friday or is it Cyber Monday? Brian said, “You’re spending money either way, so on one, you can try to find better deals in store, but the better deals are online. The thing that’ll get you is the shipping, and you’ll pay a little extra for the shipping“. But not everybody has the same opinion, Jackie said, “I think none of them they raise the price and make it look like a deal when they’re just charging more.” Mostly with prices rising more and more on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, prices are not gonna be low anymore.

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