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Loki Season 2 Review

Loki Season 2 Review

On October 5th, the second season of Loki was released. The god of mischief continues his journey with the Time Variance Authority. Watching this season, it’s just all-around amazing. How the episodes end right on a cliffhanger makes it so you can’t stop watching. Here are the top 3 most entertaining/important episodes to keep you watching.

#3: Episode 3

In my 3rd spot for the most important episode is episode 3. Ravonna Renslayer, a former TVA (Time Variance Authority) member, goes back in time to the late 1800s to meet up with Miss Minutes (TVA Mascot clock character), and they throw the TVA handbook into Victor’s house to put him on his path to be a “he who remains”. Mobius and Loki go back to the same timeline to find him and bring him back to the TVA. Ravonna teams up with Sylvie, a Loki variant, temporarily to stop Loki and Mobius, and eventually giving up. Loki takes Victor to the TVA and Ravonna is fighting Syllvie because she’s been killing all of her other variants, each more gruesome each time. Sylvie doesn’t feel good about the killing so she spares Ravonna and sends her to the end of time. This episode is excellent because it shows they can’t keep it civil even in a really bad situation, there were lots of surprising moments, and overall a lot to take in.

#2: Episode 4

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My second option for the most important episode is episode 4. Exiting episode 3, Ravonna finds out that she was memory wiped and betrayed by Victor (a One Who Remains variant), also realizing how dangerous that could be for Victor to be around Loki and causing shenanigans at the TVA. Victor meets Ouroboros and gets excited because he wrote the TVA handbook, but he wrote the book off of a Victor variant. Getting caught in the moment, Sylvie breaks them up to try and fix the Temporal Loom. This new Victor variant has made a small-scale loom of his own and shows it to everyone. 

#1: Episode 5

And my opinion for the number 1 slot is episode 5, after Loki and Slyvie leave to talk before everyone including Ouroboros, Mobius, B-15, and Casey got placed back in their original timeline before being recruited to the TVA. Loki goes to the collapsing reality to find and reteach them everything they know. Everyone starts to fade away but Loki figures out how to use his time-slipping ability to reverse everyone’s fate. I think this episode is important because Loki teaches himself how to basically time travel, meaning he can rewrite what has been done so nothing can fail, like losing his friends.

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