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Her Mental Demons: Prologue

This story contains talk about sensitive topics, such as mental health issues and the struggles of a teenage girl. This is told from the point of view of a teenage girl with ADHD, Bipolar, Depression, and Anxiety. Join her on her mental battles and the struggles she faces every day in her high school life.


Sitting by the window, her long hair draped over her shoulders, a deep shade of dark blue and purple. She could hear the rain drops drip and land on the sidewalk.


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“Hm?” She looked to the person in front of her. It was her English teacher, a younger woman with a gentle smile, long brown hair and those caring eyes.

“Are you feeling OK? You have been spacing out a lot during class today.” Her voice was soft and gentle, and she was as kind as an angel making Nyx feel safe.

“Yeah…just tired…I have been struggling with stuff lately. But I’ll be OK! Sorry for not being as focused as normal.” Her gaze lowered to her hands in her lap, her hair covering her face, tears forming.

“Nyx, honey, it’s OK… everyone has bad days.” She put her hand on Nyx’s shoulder as she looked up at her teacher. She wiped her tears and smiled. “Take your time. I’m always here to help you, OK?”

“Thank you for your kindness, Ms. Smith, you’re one of my favorite English teachers. Thank you for believing in me.” Nyx smiled brightly, her heart feeling warm thanks to the kindness of her teacher.

Nyx walked out of the classroom as the bell rang walking to her next class, AP Prep Biology. She was overjoyed to see her friend in that class. They worked on Bio together with the help of their teacher. Nyx failed last semester, but with the help of her friend and her Bio teacher, she was going to pass. She could feel it.

3:20 rolled around and the bell rang, but Nyx was packing her things still. Her head was spinning from all the notes she had taken on Bio.

“Come on slowpoke,” a Junior with orange hair and emerald green eyes smiled as she hugged Nyx from behind.

“I’m going as fast as I can Deia!” she protested, but smiled, feeling safe in her arms. As the two of them walked out of the school, Nyx waited for Deia to get her bike.

“And you say I’m the slowpoke–” Nyx stated as Deia glared at her, holding her water bottle in a menacing way.

“Keep it up and I’ll hit you with my water bottle.” The bike lock came off and Nyx and Deia went to Nyx’s car, hugging one last time as Nyx entered her car next to her father, who was watching a video on his phone.

“OK, ready to go…” She said this as she put her backpack down. On the way home everything was fine. She talked to her dad and brothers about her day, taking out negative things and even exaggerating a bit to give her stories flair.

“Nyx,” an upset voice stated as Nyx walked into her house, rather confused on what the tone was for, looking to the person speaking.

“Yes mom?” Nyx stated in her calmest voice. Talking to her mom always made her agitated in a way. She never knew why.

“Your grades in math and Bio…they are–”

Before her mother could even finish Nyx snapped! Anger and frustration filled her voice. “I GET IT MOM. I KNOW THEY ARE BAD– I HAVE A F IN MATH AND A D- IN BIO. I’M WORKING ON IT OK!!” Nyx kicked off her shoes as her dog started to bark a lot. Her mother looked at her with frustration.

“Don’t give me that tone young lady!” she snapped back. She was getting ready to go to her school.

Nyx, not listening and too heated by the topic of her grades, stormed off to her room. She slammed the door with fury scaring her brothers, making them run to their own room.


Nyx stayed in her room, angered she was trying her best. It frustrated her that her parents, mostly her mom, kept getting on her with her grades. The words of her mother filled her mind. “You’re too smart to act this dumb” “Stop living in your fantasy world and grow up!” Tears filled Nyx’s eyes as she squeezed her stuffed teddy bear, covering herself with her weighted blanket.

“Why is she always like this?!” she shouts in rage. “Her stupid thing of ‘Your best is good enough’ is crap! She doesn’t mean that at all! I am trying my best! But it’s never…” Nyx sniffled as she hugged her teddy bear more curling up on her bed.

“My best is never good enough….”


Author’s Note
This story is based off something that really happened. Nyx is a 16 year old girl struggling with her mental health issues as well as to find her voice. She tries to wear a mask at school and act like she is fine even when she isn’t. This story is also her perspective of things and how she views her life. This isn’t meant to make people hate her mother or have bad emotions towards her. I hope you enjoyed the prologue and I can’t wait for you to read more of my story. Thank you for reading.

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