Club Spotlight: Model Rocketry Club

Avery Torrison

Model Rocketry Club was founded early in the school year of 2021 – 2022 by club leaders Tarun Antony and Gabe Cook. The club has existed for two years and last year there was a mildly consistent 12 people. The club is still developing but it has the groundwork.

“I’m very passionate about rocketry and rockets in general and exploring,” Antony stated. He also stated that he founded the club because he felt the school needed an organization to expose people to things like rocketry and exploration.

The general consensus of the members is that the club typically stays on track but detours at times. Sponsor Jackson Earl described it as a blend of space news, budgeting, fundraising, hands-on building, planning, coordinating, advertising, etc. It is a club so it isn’t as intense as a class and there’s room to mess around and hang out while working on building skills.

The club has done one launch but hopes to do another this spring. They hope that more people will join to see it. They’re planning to work on making homemade rockets instead of the ones you purchase and assemble.

The Model Rocketry Club has done fundraisers. The most recent fundraiser was held at That Burger Joint on the 7th of December. They hope to have a Chipotle fundraiser sometime next semester so keep your eyes open for that if you want to go.

If you plan to join, there is no requirement for knowledge of rockets. The club will teach what is needed to build your own rocket. They keep up with space news updates and educate about space flight and model rockets. There is also education about safety procedures and how to launch the model rockets.