Homework Help Club

From https://www.collegeparentcentral.com/2010/02/is-your-college-student-investing-enough-time-studying/

From https://www.collegeparentcentral.com/2010/02/is-your-college-student-investing-enough-time-studying/

Kaitlyn Shoemaker

Central High School started a new after-school club that helps students with their homework. It was started by Mrs. Smith and Ms. Jordahl, including a variety of teachers of different subjects and is held every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 in the library den.

“We want to give kids who struggle with schoolwork to have the opportunity to do their work,” says Ms. Jordahl. The club was made to help students do their homework and get help on schoolwork if they need it. It also helps students who may not have the resources to complete their homework at home. “We wanted to help the kids who don’t have the resources at home or internet,” says Mrs. Smith.

Ms. Jordahl mentions that the students are attentive in the club: “The kids are always so focused and willing to work that the time goes by even quicker!” She also mentioned that the kids can have conversations about schoolwork with their fellow students: “Well, we’ve had many kids make new friends and even help each other with homework and talk about it with each other.”

Student Gianna Moore, a member of the club says, “It has helped me in subjects I struggle with, like Math and Biology.” She also likes doing homework with other people:“I have friends who are in the club too, and the teachers help me.”

Gianna also mentions how she is able to stay focused and have time to work and ask questions: “Well, I go on Wednesdays and I sit down and am able to focus and get my work done with the people I sit with. The teachers who work at the club also help with stuff I don’t understand.”

Mrs. Smith mentions how the club has greatly helped the students. “The students have benefited a lot from the club and are turning in their work on time.”